One Singapore, One Conference!

Global SCRUM GATHERING Singapore 2017

Earlier this year, we decided to join one of the Scrum Alliance Global Gathering conferences to see what are the trends in Scrum Alliance community. The earliest possible conference was in Singapore; we booked our flights and accommodations immediately. We were very excited about traveling to the far east part of the World to meet the community and the unique experience we were going to have.

Scrum Alliance conducts three Global Gatherings each year, one in the United States, one in Europe and one in Asia. These events are mostly 3-day conferences which contains a full day open space event. The conference in Singapore was between 17th – 19th of July and the open space was on the second day.

Singapore One Conference 2017 - Scrum Alliance

We would like to share with you our experience about the conference, and takeaways. Also, we would like to provide some feedback about each day. You can find videos, that we recorded during the conference, in the following video blogs. The videos may need some post-production work so, keep following us as we update the contents.

Tolga Kombak, Baris Bal - Singapore One Conference 2017 - Scrum Alliance

First Day
Scrum Alliance Global Gathering Singapore 

Second Day
Scrum Alliance Global Gathering Singapore

Third Day
Scrum Alliance Global Gathering Singapore

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PS: The title of this blog post is inspired by the famous song One Singapore."

Barış Bal

Barış Bal

Barış Bal


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