Product Backlog Management Workshop

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Product Backlog Management Workshop teaches the practical information for more effective management of Backlog output. With this training, the participants will obtain general information about the agile methods. In addition to that, it is aimed that the participants will also learn about scope of Agile and backlog management, Agile planning, writing of effective user story, ranking of the user stories and similar subjects.

The Benefits of the Training

The training is 1 day long. Specialist consultants of ACM prepare its contents. It is aimed that, during the training, the participants will obtain the benefits stated below.

  • By learning the concepts like scope management, agile planning and release planning, achieving flexibility in project planning
  • By learning the practices of effective user training, strengthening of communication between the team and the client
  • Via the numerical methods that enable the prioritization of Product Backlog, enabling acceptance of the value created by the whole organization
  • Adaptation of the methods that enable solid statement of client requests
  • Learning of the practical know-how that we can use in our daily lives via trail and error

Contents of the Training

General Information

  • Agile and history of agile (Summary)
  • Scrum and agile project management (Summary)
  • Roller, Meetings and Artifacts at Scrum (Agile Planning)

Product Management

  • Product vision
  • Upper Level User Stories: Epics
  • The concept of MVP and its purpose
  • Release planning and its management (Agile planning)

Product Backlog

  • Product Backlog and its properties
  • User Stories: What are they? What are they not?
  • Forecasting of User Stories (Agile Forecasting)
  • Product Backlog and Metrics
  • Product Backlog Refinement Meeting

Product Backlog Prioritization

  • Why are we prioritizing?
  • Ranking versus Prioritization
  • Common Techniques (Specialist opinion, MoSCoW)
  • Prioritization techniques
  • Financial techniques
  • Techniques that reveal the client requests

Who Should Attend

Product Backlog Management Workshop is aimed towards product managers, IT employees, Product Owners, Scrum Masters and everyone who wishes to learn about product management approach of agile methods. In order to be able to join this training, entry level Scrum knowledge is a pre-requisite.

Biz Sizi Arayalım

Participants Feedback

Türk Telekom

"I had a chance to see benefits of applying Scrum in a small project during training. As a result it is time to apply to the real life. I am grateful to our trainers for his effective education, support and patience."
Project Manager, Türk Telekom


"I had previously attended Scrum training given by another training company. Even though the content of the class was very logical to me I had hard time applying in real life. Because class was lack of practical knowledge. However when I attended ACM's training I learnt how to use Scrum in a project and we discussed about the most common problems. Now I am able to confidently suggest applying Scrum in all our projects to our management."
Core Banking Business Development, Denizbank


"Our entire IT team was trained 2 years ago. The course met our training expectations. We had sufficient knowledge for beginning process transition.."
Proje Manager, Yemeksepeti