Enterprise Agility Transformation

Agility is not a period, it is a journey which must be maintained by the organization. Quite often Agility Transformation has been considered like a project or a set of rules to be followed. However, ability to rapid change highly depends on all functions of the organization being adaptive which means culture alteration in the long term.

Organization’s rapid response to changing conditions requires:

  • Effective use of the Agile principles and practices
  • Transparency for continuous inspection
  • Existence of bottom-up intelligence
  • Pro-active employees
  • A culture of quality


Agile Studio™ : A Worldwide Leading Approach

The extensive experience that ACM gained while working with a very large range of customers for years lead to develop a very effective and proven approach to help organizations in adopting and sustaining Agile approaches. ACM’s Agile Studio and training program approach has been presented in many world wide seminars and inspired many Agility consultancy firms.

Agile Studio™” Agility Coach of the Organization

Every team need a Coach(A Scrum Master in Scrum) to;

  • Remove the impediments
  • Better understand Agility
  • Self-organize
  • Create transparency
  • Embrace change oriented empirical approach.

Likewise, an organization needs that support while adopting a new way of working in the large scale. Very similar to a Coach or Scrum Master, Agile Studiohelps the organization with it’s team of Managers during and after transformation.

Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner Programs

ACM is the only company in the Eurosia region that developed programs for those committed to Agility like Scrum Master, Product Owner and Internal Agile Coach. Organizations can grow their own Agile Coaches in those programs which is very essential for sustaining Agile transformation in the long term.

ACM’s Unique Agility Transformation Approach


Enterprise transformation is a process that should be evaluated and managed at all levels throughout the organization. Many of the organizations face difficulties in going beyond the Agile process adopted. We treat the enterprise transformation within our unique approach as a 4 level process going through physical, infrastructure, behavior and culture of the organization. A compaq solution is provided for all those levels in our approach for a maintainable and sustainable change.

Agile Transformation Agility Path Software Agility Path Software

Our approach involves the following services:

  • Roll out of the pilot projects
  • Initial monitoring and reporting
  • Certified Team trainings
  • Role based Internationally Certified trainings
  • Organizational awareness sessions
  • C-level trainings
  • Internal customer trainings
  • Delivery of the team badges
  • Definition of initial critical success factors and success criterias
  • Launch of the Agile Studio™
  • Roll out of the Agility Team
  • Application of Evidence Based Management by Certified Engagement Managers
  • Scaling and managing Agility throughout the organization
  • Agile program and portfolio management
  • Agile demand management
  • Agility capacity planning(Agile master planning)
  • Process compliance with Cobit, CMMI etc.
  • Implementation of Agile HR programs