Agile Team Coaching

“Coaching the teams instead of coaching the problems”


Every team has to pass through four cycles until they become performing in harmony. Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing. Before reaching efficiently performing stage, teams need to adopt Agile practices and transform the regular rituals to habits. Throughout these process teams need coaching. On their Agile transformation journey, lots of support needs await them like urgent issues to be handled, decision moments of extraordinary situations. ACM’s experienced coaches who have been coaching Agile teams for years stand by the teams’ side to support them in such moments. ACM’s Agile coaches staff is built of professionals that have coached hundreds of teams, thousands of team members and developed a full proven know-how on facilitating the teams to solve problems that occur during this new developing habits process. ACM’s coaching approach is not declaring the solutions and employing them in the teams, but facilitating the team to find or create their own solutions. This approach enables the teams to become self-organized, have a high level of collective ownership thus become more efficient and successful.


Expert Consultant and Coach Staff

ACM has been providing Agile training and consultancy services having strategic cooperation with worldwide leader Agile communities such as, Scrum Alliance and Agile Alliance for a long time.

ACM is one of Europe’s biggest Agility services company accommodating 20 Agile coaches and consultants. ACM also ;

  • Has the chance to get quick support from a global community of more than 250 consultants including thought leaders like Ken Schwaber, Jim Coplien, J.B Rainsberger, for both engineering practices and process improvements,
  • Has its coaches and consultants attend improvement conferences 4 times a year 2 of them in the US,
  • Synchronizes in a global network with the worldwide advances and updates about Agile and Scrum,
  • Has its coaches and consultants acquire their international certifications on training, coaching, consultancy and engagement management.


Some of the privileges that makes ACM unique, not only in Turkey but also in region countries :

  • The consistent success of the projects accomplished both local and world wide,
  • Initiating, leading local Agile communities and supporting other Agile communities (, the articles and books written by the Agile coaches and consultants and published in various media)
  • High quality training and consultancy above international levels
  • Over 50,000 hours of Agile coaching and consultancy.

Coaching Agile Coaches

“Give me a fish and I eat for a day,
Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime”


Beyond the teams and team members’ on their Agile transition journey with the help of ACM’s expert Agile coaches, it is also important that organization attains its own coaching skills. For this reason ACM’s Agile coaches spare sufficient effort and interest on coaching the organization’s Agile coach candidates. They not only coach the teams but also coach the organization’s coaches and help the organization learn how to coach their teams. These coach candidates may be chosen from the Scrum Masters of the Agile teams, or they may be from a group of employees chosen from different titles such as process managers, project managers, etc.

ACM’s Consultant and Coach Recruitment

ACM recruits the consultants and coaches by selecting them carefully and choses the candidates that have the potential to improve themselves in the international community. All of the new coaches are included in the Agile Coach Empowerment Program that lasts for 48 weeks.