Orangile: Scaled Agility Tool

What is Orangile?

ORANGILE is a tool that supports Agile teams and your organisation’s Enterprise Agility. Orangile significantly enhances transparency through out the teams, backlogs, metrics, portfolio and dependencies. It supports single teams and scaled agile organisations that are using Scrum, Nexus and Nexus+.

Features include backlog, sprint, team, dependency and task management, performance reports, metrics. These features are used for enhancing perception related with upcoming bottlenecks, risks with dependency management tools and mainly used for managing projects’ delivery schedules. Orangile also includes portfolio management tools for enterprise backlog management in contemplation of multi-team, multi-phase and multi-product solutions tracking, in order to increase transparency and used by companies’ high-level portfolio management committees.

We Differentiate

Oringile is developed purely with Agile mindset unlike its competitors. This makes Oringile very easy to use, understand and adopt to any Agile organization with very minimum customisation.