Agility Check-up

In an organization an agile approach can be applied at different levels such as on a specific project, at a department or across the entire organization.Few companies may prefer to get proper training and consulting and other companies may prefer to experiment on their own. No matter what process is followed, habits of the old way of doing business will be a major impediment through out the journey in which gaining new habits of agile project and risk management, rapid taking actions, reaching the level of self organizing teams, culture of constantly improvement and proactive decision making, will demand and enforce moving out from the organizational comfort zone. Once a transition has begun, it has to be inspected regularly in order to prevent old school practices.

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Similar to traditional inspection activities such as financial, safety and efficiency, agile transition has to be effectively investigated by;

  • A Third Eye,
  • Worldwide Certified Professional Consultants,
  • Objective metrics and unbiased reviews.



Agility Check-up includes monitoring the transition and making suggestions based on observations and collected metrics. Check-ups applied not only in accordance with Agile Manifesto rules and principles at a high level but also from the Agile framework specifics’ point of view(Scrum, XP, Kanban, Lean etc.). Results of the team and management level audits are reported. In addition to that, every check-up is being recorded in order to better inspect the progress in the mid and long term.