Alper Tonga - PSM I, LKU Kanban Practitioner

Alper Tonga is a Lean/Agile experimenter, public speaker, and happiness at work advocate from Turkey. He is a strong follower of visual documentation and predictive planning methods such as; mind maps, user story mapping, Monte-Carlo simulations, and applying mathematical models to forecast project outcomes and boost team awareness. He believes aiding decision making process with mathematics is much better than just following instincts. Also it is harder to argue.

Alper Tonga has a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering received from Missouri University of Science & Technology. He has been professionally involved in multinational defence and IT projects more than 14 years as a developer, systems engineer (INCOSE), and program manager. Although he has been applying and using lean and agile principles in his work and personal life, his professional coaching and organizational transformation career started in 2012. He has PSM 1 and LKU Kanban Practitioner certificates along with others. He is currently holding a Lean Facilitator position at ACM.