Agile: It’s For Everyone!

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Agile Management is a very flexible way to manage projects within time and budget and a high Return on Investment. Agile is known for an iterative approach to develop requirements and an incremental delivery. This way clients don’t have to wait, and first business value is achieved without having to wait for the deployment of the full solution. The parameters ‘time’, ‘costs’ and quality are fixed and requirements can vary based on the exploring character of Agile.

The umbrella of Agile covers multiple methods and one of them is Scrum. The training, Agile: It’s For Everyone! introduces the full delivery from early contact with the client to development with Scrum and delivery to the client organisation, all executed and managed based on the Agile principles and concepts.


Participants will learn how to taylor the full delivery cycle to the needs of a specific project, how to work with teams as a project manager that facilitates the team and concepts for team development and situational leadership.


This training provides participants with the Agile philosophy, the full project cycle, a glossary (based on the Agile Foundation exam from the Agile Consortium) and it creates time and space for exercises because learning by doing is the concept used in this training based on brain friendly learning.
The trainer will be Arie van Bennekum, co-author of the Agile Manifesto, who has a strong focus on project ma- nagement and the Agile techniques, Agile in the Core.


This training is targeted to companies of all industries and their employees, looking for ways to improve existing project management methods, interested in or already using Scrum.

There aren’t any pre-requisites to register this training.


Arie is a pragmatic who embeds his pragmatism in structure, discipline and common sense. This eventually led to being one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto and expert in the area of Agile Project Management, agile in the core and user involvement. The real fundament and objectives of Agile have his focus when he speaks, presents, demonstrates and lectures about Agile as a thought leader of the European Agile coaching team Agile in the Core, as chair of the Agile Consortium International and when he lectures at universities.

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Participants Feedback

Türk Telekom

"I had a chance to see benefits of applying Scrum in a small project during training. As a result it is time to apply to the real life. I am grateful to our trainers for his effective education, support and patience."
Project Manager, Türk Telekom


"I had previously attended Scrum training given by another training company. Even though the content of the class was very logical to me I had hard time applying in real life. Because class was lack of practical knowledge. However when I attended ACM's training I learnt how to use Scrum in a project and we discussed about the most common problems. Now I am able to confidently suggest applying Scrum in all our projects to our management."
Core Banking Business Development, Denizbank


"Our entire IT team was trained 2 years ago. The course met our training expectations. We had sufficient knowledge for beginning process transition.."
Proje Manager, Yemeksepeti