Pierre Neis

Pierre E. Neis - PSM I, CSP, CSPO

His background is Project Management and it has always been what he loves doing, since 24 years now. Before he discovered Scrum, he was a Lean practitioner and he found something that matters to him and his customer. He is happy to say that he is still improving both approaches.


Finance, Government, Industry & Manufacturing, Education, Research, Start-up, Venture Capital

Size of Projects

Mostly large distributed programs or scrum firefighting

Actual Field of Work

  • We&Co the collab lab is a scrum company for freelancers
  • Internal Auditor for Programs and Projects in Global Clearing Bank
  • Trainer and Coach
  • Creator of the “Product Owner’s Helpdesk” on LinkedIn
  • Developer and Creator of [sKale] framework as Scrum adapted to Human Resources
  • Developer and Creator of PLöRK (Play & Work)
  • Developer and adaptator of Scrum in Finance (Asset Management, Hedge Funds, Manufacturing, Research)