Agile Transition

According to The Standish Group’s report, “CHAOS Summary 2009”, 68% of all software projects fail. Software projects face the danger of failure due to improper usage of resources, wrong prioritization and misunderstanding of customer needs. Many European and American companies embrace Agile software development methodologies to deliver more productive projects.

Agile processes have shown that the success rate of the projects has grown up to %80 by increasing;

– productivity
– adapting to changes rapidly
– quality and
– time-to-market

ACM helps companies improve their current software development processes and provides consulting services for their Agile Transitions.

ACM’s consulting services consist of four main stages:

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ACM consulting services lead software development teams;

– implement Scrum
– embrace Agile practices
– self-organize

Agile Engineering Practices

Agile Software Development often mentions project and planning practices, and also embrace the engineering practices to have sustainable pace. Common technical practices, Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration, Refactoring and Test Automation are applied in any software project to rapidly adapt to change by effective planning and delivering tested, working software.

Agile engineering practices handle larger and more complex systems while focusing on customer value, rapid feedback and quick response to change.

ACM’s Agile consultants facilitate the adoption and use of Agile engineering practices. ACM also provides training services for development teams to deliver tested, working, shippable software.