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SPS - Scaling Scrum WorkshopThe Scaling Scrum workshop is a 2-day workshop on how to scale Scrum for large scale product and software developments. Participants come to the workshop needing to know how to put together the infrastructure, interfaces, techniques, tools, and practices to scale Scrum. They leave with the ability to meld them into one instance that supports an organization’s scaling needs.

Scaling Scrum is not an overview class, but a hands-on workshop. It is oriented to organizations that are already effectively running small Scrum projects. Attendees will learn through instruction and work in teams. They will practice scaling the Scrum events, roles, and artifacts into the power of a single framework. Attendees will depart the workshop knowing the most appropriate framework for their scaling needs.

The Scaling Scrum workshop is led by management and engineering practitioners who have done large scale Scrum work. They will establish the criticality of a single Product Backlog strategically directed by a single Product Owner. Through interactive exercises, they will also demonstrate how teams must integrate and deliver their work by the end of the Sprint in a single, usable, potentially shippable increment in order to manage risk and scaled efforts. The result is the attendee’s ability to get the benefits of a single Scrum team for their entire organization.

  • If you own PMP certificate, you will earn 14 PDU from Scaling Scrum. selects only the most qualified instructors to deliver this workshop. maintains the defined curriculum and materials to assure consistency and quality for students worldwide.


The Scaling Scrum workshop is targeted at development managers, coaches, facilitators, change agents and leaders of organizations that need to formulate, implement, and manage Scrum at scale.

Organizations are encouraged to send a team of people that will be (or already are) managing large Scrum projects or an agile transformation.

Workshop Prerequisites

Attendees make the most of the class if they:

  • Have a solid understanding of Scrum either through working with a Scrum Team, or through taking aProfessional Scrum Master class or similar course.
  • Have an understanding of development techniques, tools, and the practices needed to sustain large scale development.
  • Have been on or are about to be closely involved using Scrum at scale.

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Participants Feedback

Türk Telekom

"I had a chance to see benefits of applying Scrum in a small project during training. As a result it is time to apply to the real life. I am grateful to our trainers for his effective education, support and patience."
Project Manager, Türk Telekom


"I had previously attended Scrum training given by another training company. Even though the content of the class was very logical to me I had hard time applying in real life. Because class was lack of practical knowledge. However when I attended ACM's training I learnt how to use Scrum in a project and we discussed about the most common problems. Now I am able to confidently suggest applying Scrum in all our projects to our management."
Core Banking Business Development, Denizbank


"Our entire IT team was trained 2 years ago. The course met our training expectations. We had sufficient knowledge for beginning process transition.."
Proje Manager, Yemeksepeti