Tolga Kombak - CSM, CSP, PSM I, PSPO I

Tolga Kombak serves ACM as Managing Partner, Agile coach and trainer. He has been the first Scrum Master of his previous organization Akbank after he attended the course by James O. Coplien and has become Certified Scrum Master. In 5 years he has been the Scrum Master/ Agile Coach of numerous teams. Finally in Akbank he has initiated and consulted Payment Systems IT Department Agile Transition.

He joined ACM in 2014 as Agile coach and trainer and currently training, coaching and consulting Agile teams in various companies. Member and a frequent speaker at Agile Turkey. Since 2010 he has taken various roles in AgileMeetings, AgileTalks and Agile Turkey Summit 2013, 2014 which are the organizations being held by


  • Agile Project Management and Scrum, 2 days
  • Agile Processes and Management, 1 day
  • Product Owner Training, 1 day
  • Kanban, 1 day
  • Agile and Scrum Workshop for Non-IT Departments, 1 day